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We are working very hard at learning to speak Welsh in class.

Come and look and listen to what we have been learning.

Our friends Fflic and Fflac help teach us new words.

Bore da - Good morning

Prynhawn da - Good afternoon

Pwy wyt ti? - Who are you?

(name) ydw i - I'm (name)

Sut wyt ti? - How are you?

Dwi'n hapus - I'm happy

Dwi'n wedi blino - I'm tired

Dwi'n trist - I'm sad

Ga i ....? - Can I have....?

Diolch - Thank you

Os gwelwch yn dda - Please

Coch - Red

Melyn - Yellow

Glas - Blue

Gwyrdd - Green

Du - Black

Pinc - Pink

Barod - Ready

Mae'n amser tacluso - It's tidy up time

Sut mae'r tywydd heddiw

Lliwiau'r enfys (Sing a rainbow)

Pen-blwydd hapus i ti

Mr Hapus (Happy and you know it)