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Queen - We Will Rock You (Karaoke)

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During the half term holidays, I would like you to do a few things for your homework!


1) Learn the national Anthem ready for the Eisteddfod

2) Learn the poem titled- 'Fy Ysgol I' I handed this out to you earlier this week for you recitation 

3)Learn the words to 'Byddyn rocio' for our class performance.


At the moment, in maths, we are learning about 2d shapes. Tomorrow's lesson is on quadrilaterals. Brush up here:

 Over the next few weeks, I would like you to prepare a presentation on your own personal hero. This could be a family member, friend, significant person or anybody who is a hero to you!


Please show evidence in your homework books and be prepared to give your presentation at the end of term.