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Breakfast Club


Please use PARENT PAY to sign up to Breakfast Club.

Any queries please email the Breakfast Club Team.


For NEW reception children - please email 

with your child's details and any known allergies.



Expectations to use our Free Breakfast Scheme


1. Every child is expected to eat breakfast


2. Parents/carers will wait with children before doors open at 8.15am


3. Register closes at 8.40am when doors and gate close.

So, if late, parents will wait with child until school starts


4. Every child will attend at least once every week due to our limited numbers and waiting list


5. If children are absent or on holiday, please e-mail breakfast club so we can keep the place otherwise expectation number 6 will be taken.


6. Children will be removed after 2 weeks, if they do not attend.

An email will be sent in this case