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Important message:


There will be no Maths Club next Tuesday (19th July) as it is the last week of term.

Many thanks to all the children and parents for being a part of 'Number Club' over the last few terms-its been lots of fun!


Miss Phillips


Today we did multiplying and dividing.
We used a timestable square to help us.
We raced against the clock to finish the game!


We used 'squiggleworth' to work out place value.
We used a hundred square to add up the numbers.


We played a doubling game with a dice.
We competed against each other against the clock.


We played 'bullseye' and added up our scores.
Today, we even practiced our throwing skills!


We used our maths skills to add up our scores.
The boys won with a score of 220. Well done boys!
We handled lots of data.
Our Easter Egg Hunt maths challenge!
We recorded results in a tally chart.
We played ping-pong and used our addition skills.
Miss Phillips put in some challenging questions!