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Achievement award winners:

Wk 1 - Tameem for being an excellent role model and helping our new class members to settle in

Wk 2 - Adam for excellent resilience, focus and independence

Wk 3 - Nardia for showing resilience and confidence in her lessons, particularly maths

Wk 4 - Tareef for being resilient, independent and ambitious with his reading

            Hailey-Skyy for her respectful behaviour towards our visitors, showing excellent listening skills     

            and remembering lots of facts.

Wk 5 - Raheem for making better choices and working resiliently and independently.

Wk 6 - Ayaan Sen for applying incredible knowledge of the bones in the human body and being brave, and showing confidence and independence

Wk 7 - Fatima for a super effort on her independent research and showing resilience in the classroom. Da iawn!

Wk 8 - Nasra for showing super confidence in speaking in front of the class and excellent participation in talk lessons

Wk 9 - Harith for showing ambition in his choice of task and being resilient in his efforts




Wk 1 - Raheem for being a role model for respectful behaviour towards our visitor and asking thought-provoking questions after some excellent active listening

Wk 2 - Ayaan Sen for making an excellent effort to be resilient, confident and independent with his work and trying his best to be respectful and considerate during his first week back.

Wk 3 - Amira and Amir for being outstanding on the trip to the archives, demonstrating their engagement with their current topic and Heritage project and being superb role models and representatives of Mount Stuart Primary School.

Wk 4 - Harith and Ahmed for showing confidence and resilience in their attitude to learning regarding Minecraft and for being patient and helpful to pupils and staff by sharing their skills.

Spring 2

Wk 2 - Olivia for showing resilience in her tasks


Seren yr Wythnos:

Wk 1 - Inika for extending her sentences using 'achos'

Wk 2 - Olivia for including Welsh words in her topic written work

Wk 3 - Selma for siarad da yn Gymraeg (excellent talking in Welsh)

Wk 4 - Javai for asking lots of the questions we've been learning in class.

Wk 5 -Ayan Jamal - for producing some lovely written work for Mrs Cutler and for using lots of incidental Welsh.

Wk 6 - Aisha for being a great Helpwr Heddiw and asking lots of questions yn Gymraeg!

Wk 7 - Mohamed - for always asking for things in Welsh and dropping Welsh words into his sentences when speaking in the classroom.

Wk 8 - Aiham for using super Welsh during our Helpwr Heddiw sessions.

Wk 9 - Hailey for being really enthusiastic as a Criw Cymraeg member and using lots of Welsh throughout the day.




Wk 1 

Wk 2 - Amira for being an excellent Helpwr Heddiw and leading by example during our Welsh oracy lesson. Diolch and da iawn Amira!

Wk 3 - Nardia and Ahmed for applying their Welsh knowledge to translate a Welsh script and incorporate humour when writing their own! Da iawn chi! 

Wk 4 - Amir for being able to apply the Welsh he knows to his learning. In Welsh, he is able to state what he has learned and what he understands and thinks. 

Spring 2

Wk 2 - Nasra for being really brave speaking in front of the class