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Achievement award winners:

Wk 1 - Tameem for being an excellent role model and helping our new class members to settle in

Wk 2 - Adam for excellent resilience, focus and independence

Wk 3 - Nardia for showing resilience and confidence in her lessons, particularly maths

Wk 4 - Tareef for being resilient, independent and ambitious with his reading

            Hailey-Skyy for her respectful behaviour towards our visitors, showing excellent listening skills     

            and remembering lots of facts.

Wk 5 - Raheem for making better choices and working resiliently and independently.

Wk 6 - Ayaan Sen for applying incredible knowledge of the bones in the human body and being brave, and showing confidence and independence

Wk 7 - Fatima for a super effort on her independent research and showing resilience in the classroom. Da iawn!


Seren yr Wythnos:

Wk 1 - Inika for extending her sentences using 'achos'

Wk 2 - Olivia for including Welsh words in her topic written work

Wk 3 - Selma for siarad da yn Gymraeg (excellent talking in Welsh)

Wk 4 - Javai for asking lots of the questions we've been learning in class.

Wk 5 -Ayan Jamal - for producing some lovely written work for Mrs Cutler and for using lots of incidental Welsh.

Wk 6 - Aisha for being a great Helpwr Heddiw and asking lots of questions yn Gymraeg!

Wk 7 - Mohamed - for always asking for things in Welsh and dropping Welsh words into his sentences when speaking in the classroom.