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Alien School stories

The Alien School by Robert


It was a bright, warm Monday morning when two young children safely crossed the road on their way to school. They decided to take a shortcut through the park so they can make it on time to school. The boys name is Jake Bryan and Alexia Bryan. Jake is clever kind a caring, he always listens to teachers and he is very popular. He has black hair and a school orange jumper. Alexia Bryan is a very sensible and caring girl. She has got lots of friends and is super good at maths. She always wears her school uniform (Her special red dress and special black shoes). As they were walking through the park they came across a strange looking object that was making a weird noise and a range of colours. They approached it and Jake decided to inspect the object closer so he took it in his hands. Alexia is very fascinated by glowing and colourful objects so she touched it as well. The object started vibrating and a very shiny light appeared. The light teleported them to a different world into the yard of a school named "Alien Primary School" The nickname was (Tiny But Mighty). As they got to school after hiding the object into Jake's backpack, they had to attend the first subject which was Science and the teacher was Mr. Boris (nicknamed "not fun") Mr. Boris is very rude and he always talks about work work work . He is very ugly and he doesn't care about the students. Mr. Boris has beard and moustache he has three eyes and a big nose. He has medium size ears and brown hair. The kids found the Science class interesting considering that the teacher himself was not very likeable. It was break time after class so all the kids went to the yard and one little Alien kid wanted to play Alien tag with Jake and Alexia. They had lots of fun during break time until they heard the bell ring. The next subject was slimy art and it was taught by Miss. Jonas Aka "very nice". Miss Jonas cares about all the kids and loves slime and art. When ever the kids see miss Jonas Miss Jonas gives them a surprise. Miss Jonas has blonde hair and two eyes, the colour of the eyes is green and she always wears her lovely purple jumpers. She has three antennas which makes her be able to read minds! She teaches slimy Art! The kids had a fantastic class doing slimy art making a portrait of other Aliens. After the class it was lunch time. They were offered Jellyfish and birds eyes. They rejected the disgusting offer and ran to the locker room and opened Jake's backpack grabbing the object waiting to be teleported back. They found themselves back at the park a bit confused but happy at the same time. Soon they realized they were very late for school so they started running. When they arrived they were questioned by the headteacher why were they late. They had to come up with an excuse telling the teacher that their mother who was giving them a lift to school had an early appointment to the dentist that got terribly delayed. "What a crazy day" the kids thought!


The Alien School by Thoraya


It was a bright, warm Monday morning when two young children safely crossed the road on their way to school.Ella is a 12 year old girl . She is very neat ,pretty and helpful.She has blonde hair,brown hair and peach skin colur.She never refuses to help anyone and is always exited.At school she is known as the most smartest girl in her grade year 7.She wears school uniform in school and dresses at home wich she decorates with buttons ,sequins and starps of leather to make it more pretty. Her brother is called Bob and is a 9 year old boy.He is very strict. He has brown hair which is always messy,very naughty and has brown eyes and peach skin colur.His favrite colur is blue which makes him rock on roll.He is known as the local bully for his street and school with his gang.He goes to school in year 5 and wears inaproprite clothing and at home all day listens to music.He pays people to do his homework instead of doing it himself. On the way they saw a glowing ball . Bob suddunly saw it and went to it .Ella yelled " Bob dont touch that its maybe magical or someone elses ". Bob ignored her and replied " Magic is just nonsense" and went to touch it .Ella came and suddunly touched it and they were whisked of to another strange world . When they landed they noticed that this was not the world they were in it was somewhere else .They saw something strange which was not a student in fact it was an alien student . One of them even came to them and invited them in . The first lesson was geography with Mr zdoom . Mr zdoomb was a boy alien teacher.He is very strict ,always unhappy and never smiles.He has red eyes bulging with fire from the inside.The only days he gets happy is picture day or when he gets a picture of himself .His favrite colurs are purple,turquoise and baby pink .His hair colur is brown which is always fuzzy and curly but when he brushes it down it stays there for 10 seconds and then turns just goes back to how it was in the start. His behavier is always anger . He even gets angry just because if you spelt something wrong . He always admires himself in the mirror all day long. There was one seat and Ella and Bob shared it ." Mr Zdoomb has an incedibly huge voice " said one of the aliens. "SIT DOWN EVERYONE "screamed mr Zdoomb. All people sat down in silence. They got on with there work and after 1 hour it was play time . The game at playtime was called Alien blaster wich was you had to through balls full of tiny balls and through it at everyone. After that The next lesson was 3d drawing . Ella loved drawing but on the other side Bob did not . They sat down and another alien teacher came in. Her name was Miss Ruleeryar .Miss ruleeyar is a very nice teacher.She has purple hair , Yellow and orange arms and Pink eyes . She never EVER gets angry even if someone got an 0/33 in a test she would not. Her favrite colur is Red , Green,Blue , purple , and pink . Her lunch break is always slimey tentaculs.She is the most genoraus teacher in her school. She looks like a real person but has 5 eyes which are always and are always super cute. She was amazed my Bobs (wich was acuttly bad ) and almost fainted my the sight of ellas.Next was lunch time and they went to get there lunch .When they saw the food wich was Alien mucas soup they prayed they had not touched the ball. They decided to run out and touch the ball and suddunly they noticed they were there they rushed to school and when they got there the teacher asked where they were and they made up an excuse wich was " My bag broke on the way " . Clever Bob and Ella.

The Alien School by Mumtaaz


Two children walking to school, there is a girl and a boy the girl. The girls name is Mia Woodwork she is 5 years old, she is really smart and shy, she doesn't talk to anyone only her brother Kyle Woodwork. She wears a school shirt with a blouse and a checkerd skirt with long socks. The boy's name is Kyle Woodwork he is 6 years old, he is wild and bad, he is really energetic and is told off most of the time. He wear's his school uniform with a blouse and a shirt but they are really muddy and his pants is the most dirtiest of all. They were heading to school but then Mia saw a red balloon floating, Mia followed it, Kyle ran after her "Mia come back,"said Kyle. Mia stopped, Kyle stopped as well he looked at her and saw she was touching the balloon before he could say stop they were in an alien planet. They wondered around for a bit then a alien came up to them and said they could join them in there school, as they walked in the school it was already the first class his name was Mr. BloobBark he was 1009 in human years,he is very strict and can get really mad, he wear's baggy jean's and a 80's turtleneck, he has pitch black hair and red skin too show his anger.

"ALRIGHT CLASS SETTLE DOWN!" said Mr. BloobBark. They had to do graphic maths it was not fun. After class It was play time they were going to play Hot tag, the rules were if you get tagged you get super hot if you are on too long then you loose the game. They were having so much fun until they had to do there next class with Mrs. KindHeart. Mrs.KindHeart is 17000 years old in human years, she is very kind she's sweet, she wear's a long sleeved pink t-shirt and a black hoodie, she has blackish brownish hair and pink circles in her hair, her face is purple and has purple tentacles. There subject was sculpture making with sculpting clay but you can only use your thumb to sculpt it.

"This is so fun," said Kyle. It was lunch time Kyle and Mia went to the cafeteria, they had mashed toenails and the main was octopus tentacles and for dessert a chunk of Neptune's Surface they ate nothing at all. "Kyle I don't like the food," decided Mia.

"Me too," agreed Kyle. It was time to go home, "Goodbye everyone," said Kyle.

"Bye," said Mia.

"Bye hope we can see you soon," said everyone. They went back to the red balloon and touched it returning back to earth they ran quickly to the gate that was just about to close they ran really really fast. They headed in side and came to the office,

"Hi we went for a vaccine injection ," said Mia.

"Okay head to class then," said the reception lady. They ran up stairs and they both went to class and rushed to there teacher.

"where have you been?" said the teacher.

"to get a vaccine injection ," Mia and Kyle said.